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Benefits Program

We Get Exclusive Discounts For Your Employees.

The big R’s

Improve Recruitment and Retention by offering your employees incomparable perks as a company benefit.

Work hard, Play hard

Improve productivity by investing in your team; a happy employee is a productive one.

Hale and hearty employees

Build a healthy workforce with fitness, spa medical and wellness benefits.

Location based nationwide deals

Our discount packages will take care of demographics and geographical locations.

Corporate Marketing Program

We Help You Market To Exclusive Corporate Clientele.


We market your brand as part of our ‘trusted vendor network’ to corporate employees.

Targeted marketing

We connect your business to the type of customers you seek.

Customizations and Recommendations

Customized marketing campaigns will help build your business in targeted and precise ways.


We feature your business on our online and mobile member portals.

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Our Vision

We envision a world in which brands don't just discount their products, but instead run customized promotions targeted on a person's workplace, buying patterns, geo-location, life-stage etc.

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